Park View Assisted Living

About Park View Assisted Living

Park Assisted Living was established in 2008, which is a 12-unit facility that has become a home to residents seeking a comfortable living space.

Resident Activities
and Services

At Park View Assisted Living we offer

  • Parkview dining

  • Furnished and unfurnished private apartments

  • Direct care staff

  • Delicious meal – restaurant style

  • Medical management and personal care

  • Laundry and housekeeping

  • Security

  • Access to beauty and barber services

  • Spa services

  • Cable TV and internet services

  • Garage space

  • Medical and therapy services


We provide complete medical care and therapy sessions for our residents. For admissions or tour of our facility, please contact Dora Sircher, Park View nurse Manager or Teresa Painter at (714) 999-0129.

We will provide information about all our service package options and payments.