Bluestone Therapy, our in-house provider integrates physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy into the lives of our Skilled and Long Term residents.

Skilled residents are admitted to the facility for a short period of time utilizing Part A In-Patient Medicare services. Our team provides services five times a week to build strength, and safety awareness for residents who will recover and return home. The facility assists with arranging home health care, life alert services, and congregate meals in preparation to return to the community successfully.

Long Term residents in the facility are able to utilize Part B Medicare therapies to give them a boost in any area that may be needed.

Long term residents receive restorative therapy provided at the facility to promote routine movement and range of motion to keep our minds and bodies moving.

Our therapy team provides out-patient therapy for those in the Coon Rapids community as well following any surgery or need for strengthening. Information for those in the community in need of outpatient may call the Business Office in the facility at 712-999-2253.